Bitcoin Faucet List

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Site Minimum Maximum Time Pay. System Comments
Moon Bitcoin50 0:05Xapo/Direct5 Minute timer, 3 great bonuses! Instant payment to Xapo!
Field Bitcoins40 0:05Xapo/Direct5 Minute timer! Instant Payment to Xapo!
Robot Coin Game2008700000:05DirectSmash Robots, Get Paid!
Monster Coin Game2008700000:05DirectKill monsters and get paid!
Alien Faucet270180000:05Direct5 Minute timer! Kill aliens for satoshi!
InFaucet1503000:05FaucetBoxCashout everytime!
Zebra Bitcoin70 0:00FaucetBoxClaim 70 Satoshi over and over! No min to Cash Out!
Forrest Bitcoin15050000:10DirectWin up to 5000 Satoshi every 10 minutes!
Fox Faucet150 0:10Xapo/DirectUp to 900 Satoshi per hour!
Bonus Bitcoin13050000:15Direct5% Daily Bonus! Up to 5000 Satoshi every 15 Minutes!
Satoshi Hoard50010000:15FaucetBoxInstant payment to FaucetBox!
Dance Faucet12520000:15DirectNew and Improved!
Bitcoinker50010000:15Xapo/FaucetBoxUp to 4000 Satoshi per hour! Instant pay to Xapo!
Stores Xbox10010000:30Xapo OnlyUp to 1000 satoshi per claim, paid instantly to Xapo!
Free Bitcoin400478663571:00DirectHuge Jackpots! Best Multiplier Ever!
Bitcoin Zebra50030001:00Xapo/DirectUp to 3000 Satoshi per claim! Instant payment to Xapo accounts!
Weekend Bitcoin800 1:00DirectMassive 10 Million Satoshi Jackpots on Weekends!
Daily Free Bits10012001:00FaucetBoxFast and Easy!
Flash BTC2005001:00FaucetBoxBonus for catching the floating box!
XP Bitcoin400100001:00Xapo/DirectUp to 10000 Satoshi per claim!
uBit200100001:00Xapo/DirectUp to 10000 Satoshi per claim!
wBit250 1:00Xapo/Direct250 per hour, every hour!
Frog BTC20016001:00FaucetboxCatch the Frog! Cashout anytime!
Bus Bitcoin30150001:00FaucetboxCash out every time, direct to Faucetbox!
Elena Bitcoin35150001:00FaucetBoxCash out every time, direct to Faucetbox!
Art Bitcoin35150001:00FaucetBoxCash out every time, direct to Faucetbox!
Free Bet Coin30150001:00FaucetBoxCash out every time, direct to Faucetbox!
Bitcoinour2016 0:01DirectCollect as often as you like, fills up every 5 hours!
Weed Bitcoin1000300012:00FaucetboxEasy free satoshi.
Daddy coins450100012:00FaucetboxWho's your daddy?
Linda's Faucet400 13:00FaucetboxWho is Linda?
Satoshi.ws50010003:00FaucetboxFree Satoshi
BTC Drips30030002:00FaucetboxMore free satoshi
Donald Coin    Silly game….up to 900 Satoshi per minute!
Coin Brawl    Battle game! Win satoshi to level up!
Moon Dogecoin    5 minute Doge faucet
Moon Litecoin    5 Minite Lite faucet
Free Dogecoin    Best multiplier out there for Doge!